Break the language barrier

Change your style with Saudi's

Classes only in Riyadh

New batch start from 17th October 2014

Local Accent Spoken Course

This course is designed for those who are keen on enhancing their communication /spoken skills in Arabic in a short duration. Lesson will be conducted in modern spoken arabic accent with Urdu/ English used only as a intermediary language

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Students Complete Arabic Program

For Boys and girls

  • Strong follow-up to the school curriculum.
  • Construction of the Arabic language.
  • Good spoken Arabic background.
  • The program is being whole year.
  • Let him they grow with Arabic.

Standrad Arabic Course

Arabic Lessons-part 1,2 &3 Madeena University by Dr.Abdul Rahim V this book will be coverd during level 2 with additional Sarf and Nahav supporting to other Arabic books

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