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Classes only in Riyadh


Local Accent Spoken Course

This course is designed for those who are keen on enhancing their communication /spoken skills in Arabic in a short duration. Lesson will be conducted in modern spoken arabic accent with Urdu/ English used only as a intermediary language

>    Speaking    >     Listening

Arabic For Boys Grade 5 and Above

  • Strong follow-up to the school curriculum.
  • Construction of the Arabic language.
  • Good spoken Arabic background.
  • The program is being whole year.
  • We make your children learn Arabic with speaking understanding writting & Reading as native.

Standrad Arabic Course

Arabic Lessons-part 1,2 &3 Madeena University by Dr.Abdul Rahim V this book will be coverd during level 2 with additional Sarf and Nahav supporting to other Arabic books

>    Speaking    >     Listening

>    Reading    >     Writting

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